Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wildlife study in The Chinko basin- The Chinko Project

About one year back Thierry Aebischer and Ra ffael Hickisch started studying wildlife in the Chinko basin in eastern centralafrica. This is the area  CAWA Safari (and myself)  started exploring in 2006. It was then totally cut off from civilisation and we soon understood it hosted a unique wildlife. Theirry and Rafael has transected the northern and eastern part of the area and they have put up several cameratraps resulting in thousands of photos of the areas stunning wildlife!
Their photos and studys confirm what I've seen many times during my hunts; the area holds a huge population of leopards, unseen in any other savanna area in Africa! Other findings are more unexpected and it will be a pleasure to read the results from their study!

Please wisit their blog to read more about their interesting work: Click here or here

Some of their interesting photos, taken from their webpage:

Female Lord Derby Eland, africas largest antelope

Female Giant Forest hog with two small 

Male Bongo antelope, in this area the Bongo is often seen in the open savanna.