Thursday, April 19, 2012

Uganda, Murchison Falls

I had the oportunity to visit Murchison Falls Nationalparc in Uganda for a week. The area is full with animals; Ugandan Cob, Hippo, Elephant, Giraphes, Buffalo and Hartebeest. In the 80-90s when the war between the rebels and the army was intense the wildlife was reduced but is now coming back at an incredible speed.
I also had the chance to do some fishing for small fish such as Tilapia and catfish, next time I'll defenetly go for the big NilePerch!
When driving we saw a herd of buffalo from quite far, I called them in to a few meters from the car to get some nice pictures

Nice buffalobull that we surprised in the morning

Big elephantbull!

Curious hippo

The Nile river in the evening

Sunset over the Nile

Ugandan Cob

Male Ugandan Cob

Two dagga Boys


I'm glassing the hippos in the Nile

My first Nile Tilapia

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Giant foresthogs of Centralafrica

Central african republic is exceptionally good for Giant foresthog hunting. It's an animal that lives in deep forest but occasionally goes out on the savanna to feed. In eastern CAR they thrive in big numbers due to the perfect mix of savanna and rainforest. Here are some of the trophies we collected over the years.